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E-Metrics Summit – Marketing Optimization Notes

Posted by widgetgirl on October 16, 2007

It is day two at the E-Metrics Summit in Washington, DC. During my presentation yesterday there were a lot of great questions around how to wrap your widget and get it launched into the wild. Thank you everyone who came to listen. This is such a new area and the thought of releasing your content outside of your domain (and then trying to measure it) can be a little mind boggling.

Wrapping your widget and the foundation for how to widgetize your content was a harder concept for folks to grasp than how to measure your widget. Understanding how the technology works is a pre-requisite for learning how to analyze it. So how does this “wrapping your widget” thing work? Disclaimer – this is the laywomen’s definition, not a technical one 😉

A widget creator can take any piece of content and drop it into the Clearspring flash container through a multi-step process in our UI. The output of “wrapping your widget” is some embed code that you can place on your seed placement (see definitions below). The container allows for tracking of the widget (widget analytics) and the ability for visitors who view the widget to share or grab it for their own site. When a visitor clicks on “Grab It” or “Share It”, or whatever link or name you want to use as as widget creator, a service menu is invoked. The menu provides the capability to push or grab the content in the following ways:

  1. Push the widget to your favorite social network such as MySpace, Facebook and others
  2. Grab the embed code.
  3. Email a link to the widget
  4. Send a text message with a link to the a WAP hosted version of the widget

Warning – new definitions needed here for you web analysts.

Placement: A unique ID assigned to an instance of a widget on a particular page.

Seed Placement: A placement where a widget creator places their widget for others to view and grab.

Non-Seed Placement: A placement that has been generated from someone “grabbing” the widget.

More on Placements in my next post. Off to lunch here at E-Metrics!


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