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Words of inspiration – from Ted Leonsis

Posted by widgetgirl on June 11, 2008

This post doesn’t have much to do with Widget Analytics, but it does help shed some light on the inspiration at Clearspring and some of the moments that keep us slogging away to continue to be a leader in the widget space – from every standpoint, including analytics.

I am not one to get sick very often, but last week I was slammed with a head cold that took me down pretty hard. Not much fun to miss work, book club and a girls night out. Those are all repeatable events though that can be made up some time in the future. What I was really bummed about is that I missed seeing Clearspring’s Chairman of the Board, Ted Leonsis, speak in person at our offices here in McLean. I did however listen in via phone for the hour and a half that he spoke and got a lot from his speech. Let me preface this by saying that the man has a very soothing voice which is a pro when listening to someone for that long, but a con when under the influence of Tylenol ‘Severe’ head cold medicine. I found myself dreaming in and out of a few of his anecdotes included in his talk – but I definitely walked away with a few nuggets of wisdom that were truly inspirational. So the three things that I learned:

  1. Develop multiple areas of inspiration in your life – Ted really focused on expressing that you can’t just be married to your work, or your family for that matter. You need to develop more than one passion in your life. This may include charity, church or hobby. The bottom line is that to truly be happy in life you must be personally fulfilled – and that includes more than one area of influence in your life.
  2. Bad day leads to bad week leads to bad month leads to bad quarter – In business you have to be focused on constantly tracking your progress. A bad year is made up of continuously bad quarters, months, weeks and days. Never let it get out of control and always be pushing for each day to be better than the next.
  3. You are building products to help people – Ted connected how when they were building AOL Instant Messenger that they kept in mind that the product was about helping people communicate and connect with each other. We need to be (and we are) connecting that same concept to how we build products here at Clearspring.

It is great to be at a company that has such strong thought leaders on our board and advisory councils.  For me right now this is a moment in time to enjoy the people I work with, the culture that I am fortunate to be a part of and the intersection of market and technology.  The Web 2.0 space is truly evolving quickly all around us.  You can either watch it happen, make it happen or do both!


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