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Going Viral – SnagFilms Widgets

Posted by widgetgirl on July 21, 2008

Viral distribution of content is important to more than just your basic publisher.  This past week, Clearspring’s Chairman  Ted Leonsis and Clearspring board member Steve Case launched a new web site called Snagfilms for independent film documentaries. The goal of their web site is to create content distribution for the documentary film maker who doesn’t have the same marketing strength as your big budget films do.  A quote from their web site:

“Why should you snag? For one thing, it’s a great way to share something you love with your friends. But there’s another great reason to do it. Documentary films rarely get the audience that big-budget Hollywood films do. And chances are, if you like a film, your peers will too! It’s a great way to support fimmakers and get the word out about issues you care about.”

“Filmanthropy” they call it.  There are four main elements to supporting Snagfilms:

  • Find – find a documentary film that aligns with your passions and interests.
  • Watch – check it out.
  • Snag – Grab the Snagfilm (because they are widgets) and place it on your start page, blog or site.
  • Support – by sharing your pixels with the film, you are helping to support small filmakers get the word out about their cause.

In its most elementary form, Snagfilms is about aligning WOM (Word of Marketing) with small brands (documentaries).  They have taken the big brand approach and componentized it for the small independent film maker.  As my UK friends would say “brilliant!”

[clearspring_widget title=”SnagFilms Film Widget” wid=”4837b4759c19ccae” pid=”4884f04ad0f87bc1″ width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

2 Responses to “Going Viral – SnagFilms Widgets”

  1. Great posting, Jody. My friend is about to undertake an anthropological documentary of service employees at very large multinational company. A widget site like this would really help them conserve their budget.

  2. widgetgirl said

    Hi Brad,

    Your friend can go to Snagfilms.com and submit their request to get distribution on the site. I am pretty sure that it is well promoted on the home page.

    Best, Jodi

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