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Helping web analysts navigate the measurement and tracking of widgets.

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About Jodi McDermott


Jodi has been working in Web Analytics since 2002 and joined comScore as the Sr. Director of Product Management in March of 2010 where she is responsible for developing and managing comScore’s census based measurement products and services. Prior to joining comScore, Jodi served as Director of Data Strategy and Analytics for Clearspring Technologies where she was responsible for utilizing data to develop and test business models and drive product strategy for the Clearspring widget platform and AddThis sharing products.

In previous roles Jodi oversaw the Web Analytics team of InPhonic, a multi-hundred million dollar ecommerce website, and also worked in the Consulting Services group of Visual Sciences where she led implementations for leading companies in the airline, retail, financial services and hotel industries. For five years prior to that, Jodi managed the Business Solutions team and oversaw the implementation of the first off-the-shelf Web Analytics package at USATODAY.com.

She is an active member of the Web Analytics Association, a frequent speaker at the E-Metrics Summit and various conferences specializing in distributed content and social media measurement. Jodi graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.S. in Business Administration and holds an MBA from American University with an emphasis in Finance and Management of Global Information Technology.

You can reach Jodi via her personal email at: jodi.mcdermott@gmail.com.

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Member of the Web Analytics Association
  • Co-chair of the Web Analytics Association Standards Subcommittee on Social Media Metrics
  • Web Analytics Association Liaison to the IAB
  • Program Director for MediaPost’s OMMA Metrics & Measurement Conference
  • Member of the E-metrics Advisory Council
  • Monthly columnist for MediaPost’s Metrics Insider

8 Responses to “About Jodi McDermott”

  1. […] I saw an interesting primer on metrics for widgets by Jodi McDermott, who leads analytics at Clearspring (a cross-platform widget tools company). Here’s the […]

  2. I just listened to your podcast from Nov. Great stuff. I’ll subscribe to your blog.

  3. widgetgirl said

    Thanks John – appreciate the comment. Please write again if you have questions in this area as it helps guide my blogging efforts.

    Cheers! Jodi

  4. […] is a fitting context. to set the mood. what i want to point out  to is on a Blog post from Jodi McDermott who is kindly under the moniker of “WidgetGirl”.  Jodi is pretty much a Widget […]

  5. Kiran said

    hi Jodi,
    Do you see Widgets used for the Enterprise Data/ERP etc as well or more on the consumer domain?

  6. widgetgirl said

    Hi Kiran,

    Yes, I have heard about widgets being used for Enterprise Data/ERP – I am assuming you mean having some sort of desktop widget to pump enterprise KPIs into? I can tell you that we have widgets that we use here at Clearspring for data purposes. They only work when inside of our network. Privacy of ERP data is of course a concern for any company. While widgets can easily be made to manage ERP data, the distribution points are then limited due to not being able to share to any networks, blogs, etc.

    So to answer your question – we see them used much more heavily on the consumer domain.

    Hope this answers your question.


  7. Tom Fischmann said

    Hi Jodi,

    Wow! Great information here. I came across your page on the Sports Marketing Summit site – hoping you will be attending the Chicago Summit next week?

    I am curious how would you advise someone who believes they have the creative/content basis for a very effective and viral widget/series of widgets but not the in-house capability to bring it about?

    Also, as a promotional tool, which metrics would you pay most attention to in evaluating investment in widgets vs. some other methods of online promotion?

    Thanks again for all the info on your site!

  8. widgetgirl said

    Hi Tom,

    I won’t be in Chicago unfortunately, but my colleague Steve Harris will be.

    As for your question on building a widget, Clearspring has a studio and a network of studios that you can work with to outsource the development of a widget. If you are interested, send me an email and I’ll have someone send you some contacts.

    Measuring the investment in widgets is really like any other online content or campaign. You need to define the business goals and the success metrics. If your goal is to drive traffic back to your web site, then the success metric is probably clickthroughs on the widget and then some other metric on your web site based on the behavior you are trying to drive.

    Enjoy Chicago!


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